Nine Moon Women's Lodge - A SpiritSOng workshop series Returns October 2022!

Women's Moon LOdge will return Fall of 2022!


Returning October 9, 2022!

Nine Moon Women’s Lodge – A virtual SpiritSong Workshop Series with Kellianna 

On the Sunday closest to the Full Moon

6:00 – 8:00pm  ET

Now more than ever, women need the love and support of their sisters in song to help navigate this most difficult time that we are living in. The pressure of living life so far outside of the norm is a serious stress on our body and minds. This stress can negatively affect us in so many ways, and having a safe and productive outlet for that stress is critical in keeping us healthy and sane!  

SpiritSong, a practice of vocal healing and release, can be that safe outlet for relieving pressure and stress.  The act of singing and chanting has a physiological effect on the body, releasing endorphins and carrying away built up emotion and stress. 

Please join me once a month via Zoom on the Sunday closest to the full moon. We gather together in sisterhood and song, creating a tapestry that connects the threads of our lives together in a beautiful and strong weaving, providing loving support for all.  We will chant, sing, dance, share, and hold loving space for our stories and our songs. 

Fee per gathering is $20.00 

Register here with a credit or debit card, or with your Paypal account.

Or Venmo to -  Kellianna-Girouard

Contact Kellianna to register and pay by check or money order: 


October 9, 2022 – Hunter’s Moon 

About SpiritSong: 

 “SpiritSong,” is a unique approach to singing and toning based on a method of “singing without words;” a powerful technique that permits us to reconnect to the most primal form of singing. SpiritSong uses the voice to sound what you are feeling in the moment and this unlocks your power and unique beauty. 

SpiritSong is based on the premise that singing has two primary purposes: first, to release any dis-ease we are carrying, and second, to connect us with the Creative Source. In a sacred song circle, we will create a community in song as we practice loving witness of ourselves and one another. The act of being witness to someone’s song is a great honor. It is a sacred trust. It is a practice of a very special kind of loving, to empower someone to be freely themselves in the moment. As we witness one another a communion of healing and unity is created. Our hearts truly open to each other as we embrace each other’s song. 

Kellianna uses guided meditation, chanting, and toning exercises to create a warm, safe space that allows participants to discover their own unique “essence song.”  We will come together in circle to claim our voices, to heal our bodies and minds, and to honor the power of song.