SpiritSong Workshop

Freeing the Voice, Sounding the Spirit

To book a SpiritSong Circle with Kellianna in your community, or find an ongoing circle in your area please e-mail Kellianna for more info or go to Way of Song.

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Music, song and sound have been used by countless cultures as extraordinarily effective vehicles for healing, communal bonding, and spiritual awakening. Author, composer, singer and sound-healer Shawna Carol has emerged as a leading figure in the contemporary revitalization of the art of sacred song as a transformative tool. She has developed “SpiritSong,” a unique approach to singing and toning based on a method of “singing without words;” a powerful technique that permits us to reconnect to the most primal form of singing. SpiritSong uses the voice to sound what you are feeling in the moment and this unlocks your power and unique beauty.

The Way of Song is based on the premise that singing has two primary purposes: first, to release any disease we are carrying, and second to connect us with the Creative Source. In a sacred song circle we will create a community in song as we practice loving witness of ourselves and one another.

The act of being witness to someone’s song is s a great honor. It is a sacred trust. It is a practice of a very special kind of loving, to empower someone to be freely themselves in the moment. As we witness one another a communion of healing and unity is created. Our hearts truly open to each other as we embrace each other’s song.

Kellianna uses guided meditation, chanting and toning exercises to create a warm, safe space that allows participants to discover their own unique “essence song.” Find out why Julia Cameron say’s “This is an extremely powerful technique.” (—Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way)

Tuesday March 12, 2013
Avalon Rose Cottage
137 West Main Street
Spencer, MA 01562
$25.00 per person
Pre-registration and required
Call Ron to Register

Sunday April 21, 2013
Wendell, Massachusetts
The Magical Voice Workshop Intensive
with Wendy Rule and Kellianna

In this workshop, Wendy will share with you some of the vocal techniques she uses to create sacred space, and to
raise and direct energy. Combining elements of chant, toning and spoken word, Wendy will use her playful and
lighthearted approach to guide you into a deep and powerful connection with your own Magical Voice.
Kellianna will guide you in the art of SpiritSong, a vocal practice of healing and release. "SpiritSong" is a unique
approach to singing and toning based on a method of "singing without words;" a powerful technique that permits us to reconnect to the most primal form of singing. Also, with creative writing exercises, she will assist you in crafting your very own Medicine Chant, an intentional song for personal healing and growth.

The workshop is suited to anyone following a Spiritual path, regardless of any musical experience.

Location provided with registration.

$85.00 per person

Register by mail:
Payable to
PO Box 902
Wendell, MA 01379

SpiritSong Circle at The Temple Of Witchcraft
Salem, New Hampshire
Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Temple Of Witchcraft
North Policy Street

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