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Life is ever-changing!  And we are forced to roll with it.

After losing my day job and health insurance in March due to Covid-19, I was initially terrified.  Losing my income, and becoming uninsured for the entire month of April when the virus was hitting really hard in Massachusetts, was an unsettling experience to say the least.

Five months later, I felt Liberated!  I felt Free!  Free to be who I really am and free to pursue my music and my book writing.  That is where you come in.  I need to get through this period where I cannot go out onto the road and bring the music to you in person. But thankfully, there are ways to bring concerts and workshops to the world, and I am going to dive in wholeheartedly!

My reality is that I will need 200 patrons at the $6.00 monthly tier.  That's it!  If I can reach that goal, my monthly bills will be paid and I will be free to produce more online content like concerts, workshops and book readings, free to finish Book Three of the Warrior Queen Chronicles, and free to finish the half-dozen partially written songs in my journal.

I am really happy to be able to offer exciting content to my loyal fans like you!  Please help to show your support by becoming a Patron today!