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Blog: Songs of the Goddess (March 26, 2011)

For this Songs of the Goddess: Record Review I would like to share Kellianna's latest release with you entitled Elemental. Kellianna describes Elemental as "an all drum and chant CD, with 7 original tracks, and 6 by other writers". As you all well know, I've already shared with you Kellianna's song Brighid (off her Lady Moon CD) and apparently Kellianna loves to give back and offers free music downloads around the Sabbats. I missed the Ostara one that was available today, in fact (bummer) but I was lucky enough to catch the Imbolc one.

Right from the get-go Elemental starts off beautifully and Direction Song is the perfect accoutrement to any ceremony or any undertaking you're ready to start. The album continues on in unsurpassed beauty as Kellianna's voice, angellic and heartwarming, blends in flawlessly with the primeval drums and haunting echoes of the fae softly ringing in the background. She honours Pele, Brighid, Gaia and even the Horned God. She takes you on a journey to Stonehenge, through the four elements and into a magickal circle.

Kellianna alone makes this disc a must-own CD but she takes it even further and enlists the aid of fellow pagan artist and friend, Celia and the brilliant Dragon Ritual Drummers! The whole disc, no matter who appears is full of songs that reaches into you and warms your heart or invokes uncontrollable movement as you tap toes, clap along or trance move back and forth, to and fro.

Please do yourself a huge favour and purchase this cd. It truly belongs in your collection and will fill your homestead with beautiful energy. Not only that, it helps to keep Artists like Kellianna going and making more music for our listening pleasure.

The Pagan Review (January 26, 2011)

Elemental CD by Kellianna. 2010

The much anticipated new CD from Kellianna is out and sure to be a huge hit in the Pagan community.

This CD is so versatile – the songs are great just to listen to, but so many of them can be used in your actual rituals adding a new dimension to your practice.

1. Direction Song (by Terri Rivera)
This song can be used to call direction, and deities. This would be incredible to see being used at a large community ritual. Easy to sing along with, or someone could actually act out the words as they travel around a sacred circle.

2. There is No Time (by Veronica Appolonia)
This song could also be used to create a sacred circle. A beautiful chant that is sung in a round, so it’s really a circle within a song about a circle. Easy to learn. I have plans to use this one at a full moon ritual around a bonfire this summer. With the round going, this one shows the true beauty of Kellianna’s voice. This is definitely one of my favorites.

3. She is Crone (by Kellianna)
My group used this song at our last Samhain festival. Our entire ritual was spread out throughout our acreage where tributes to deceased love ones took place at our bonfire and then we traveled through the grove to our sacred space ritual area. This song accompanied us on our way. While at the bonfire, it was a time of reflection and communion with those who had gone from this world before us, so needless to say, it was also quite emotionally heavy. The beat to this song is uplifting and transformed us as we danced along from one part of the festival to the next, recharging us as we went.

4. Pele (by Kellianna)
Though I personally don’t work with Pele, this song is quite awesome. Very upbeat and it will get you moving. One of the lines in this song is I’m taking action to waken the fire within”. This is a perfect song to add into any spell or ritual that is about achieving or gaining something.

5. Sacred Stones of Stonehenge (by Shawna Carol)
This song slows it back down again, but also would be a great song to use in ritual, especially any ritual dealing with ancestors. A beautiful song with a beautiful message.

6. Brighid’s Flame (by Kellianna)
This song is also one of my favorites, kind of gives me a chill when listening to it. I look forward to incorporating this into our upcoming Imbolg ritual. This is a true celebration of Brighid and all that she is.

7. Full Height of Our Power (by Shawna Carol)
This song again speeds things up a bit with some fun drumming. Easy to sing along or drum with. This song has several different possibilities for ritual/spell use. With the “full height of our power” lines, it’s appropriate to be used in conjunction with the sun or moon being at its full height of our power – which means it could be used at solstices or full moons. There is also a line “We have the power to transform the earth”. This would be great in healing rituals for events such as Katrina and the Gulf oil spill. Granted it would be nice if things like that never happened again, but we all know better. The next time one of these catastrophes happen, keep this song in mind as a delightful way to build energy for a devastating situation.

8. Gaia Loves (by Kellianna)
Kellianna slows it back down for us with this moving, swaying song. Any ritual designed to honor or draw down Gaia would be perfect with this song added in as it creates a somber, loving atmosphere.

9. Fire Transform Me (Alisa Starkweather)
This song, with its pounding drum, makes me want to go build a bonfire right now (and it’s January with about 10 inches of snow on the ground!) and dance around it. This song is the perfect accompaniment to any fire festival.

10. The Horned God (by Kellianna)
This celebration of the Horned God and Beltaine can be used as pure entertainment, in your Beltaine ritual, for dancing the maypole or for dancing around your Beltaine bonfire.

11. Ebb and Flow (Shawna Carol)
Singing of the different ebbs and flows in nature, this song is perfect for moon, menarche or croning rituals.

12. The Maid and the Dragon (by Kellianna) With the Dragon Ritual Drummers, this song is sexy and seductive, making it a nice choice for Beltaine or a handfasting – especially with its message of love, it’s almost a singing of vows.

13. Elemental (by Kellianna) This song brings us full circle back to calling the elements and directions as the first song did, however the tone of this song makes it perfect for dismissing the elements instead. Like the first song, I would love to see a large community ritual using this song in there closing, though of course you can use it in your own private ritual just as well, I feel it would be quite an impressive sight and experience to be used with a large group.

A CD that is just plain great to listen to is always a nice treat, but when it is one that you can use in many different ways while adding to your own spirituality, and possibly sharing it with others – well that makes this CD an important aspect of Pagan practices today.


Pagan Bookworm (December 4, 2010)

I think the beautiful artwork and Kellianna’s name are enough to sell this album, but if you’ve never heard of Kellianna you’re in for at treat! Kellianna is a beautiful and sweet woman who also happens to be a talented Pagan singer, songwriter, and musician. Elemental is Kellianna’s first full chant album. Some of the chants are her originals and others were written by her friends and colleagues. Even though I personally prefer Kelliana’s original songwriting, I love this chant album! The chants and drum rhythms stay stuck in your head for days – the sign of great music! This will come in handy for learning the chants for your own magic and ritual. Chants which really stand out on Elemental include “Direction Song”, “Brighid’s Flame” sung a cappella in one go, “The Horned God”, and the songs “Height of Our Power” and “The Maid and the Dragon” where Kellianna is accompanied by the Dragon Ritual Drummers

Toronto Paganism Examiner (December 3, 2009)

Feithline Stuart

Music for the pagan heart is becoming easier and easier to find, what with the advent of programs like CdBaby, iTunes, Soundclick, and Bandcamp. There are also dozens of pagan podcasts, many of them Canadian, that promote pagan music and musicians. Kellianna is one such pagan musician. Thanks to her generosity with pagan podcasters, pagans have been blessed with an earful of her soulful music.

kellianna.comKellianna's album, I Walk With The Goddess, could easily be categorized "pagan gospel". The music alternately soars and throbs, inspires and soothes. Drums and rattles play a prominent role in this album, as does Kellianna's soulful voice.

Some of the lyrics included on the album could easily be adopted as pagan liturgy. It would not be surprising to discover five or ten years from now that many pagans are handwriting verses from this and other albums by Kellianna into their Books of Shadows and grimoires. Some of the songs have an energy raising quality that can't be denied while others radiate a sense of peace or gratitude. There are songs on this album that could be woven seamlessly into a Goddess loving pagan's daily spiritual practice, such as This New Day or Blessed Are We. Kellianna includes lyrics on her website at for those who want to sing along.

Perfect as a Yule Gift or as a treat for yourself, Kellianna's music is available from her website, iTunes, and CDBaby.

The Pagan Review (February 5, 2008)

I Walk with the Goddess CD by Kellianna.

If we had an award to give out for "Best Ever Truly Pagan CD", I Walk with the Goddess would be the winner hands down. I've always like Kellianna's voice and style, and this CD showcases her truly Goddess given talents immensely. From writing the songs, to playing the guitar, to her beautiful melodious voice, I Walk with the Goddess flaunts it all. Many of these songs are very easy to learn chants, with addictive rhythmns, that can add energy to your rituals or other practices just by singing along with the CD. "This New Day" is a short meditative prayer that can be used each morning while asking the Goddess to guide you throughout the day. "Ancestor's Song" is a celebration of women over many generations – a perfect chant for Samhain, or any women's specific ritual. "Shares Her Love" is a song of thanks and praise to the Goddess. "Serpent Mound" is a mellower chant, with a more mystical feel to it, though you can feel the power building in this one too. This could be a great way to open a ritual while creating sacred space. "Freya" is a song about Freya's quest for her magical golden necklace. My favorite song on here however, has to be the title track, "I walk with the Goddess". It has a light "gospely" sway to it, yet it's crisp and clear, and can easily be inserted into any ritual. The perfect song for raising power or just celebrating. Other songs on this CD include "Autumn Wind", "Kali-Ma", "Avebury", and "Blessed are We". Go to Kellianna's myspace page and listen to some of these songs for yourself. You can purchase and download them right from her myspace page for just .99 each or you can purchase the CD. Try them out – you won't be disappointed in this extremely talented artist!

Goddess Alive! Magazine

By Cheryl Straffon

Kelliana's previous CD Lady Moon [reviewed in GA7] showed a lively and fresh voice with original songs in praise of the Goddess. This new album maintains that tradition. It starts with the title track, I Walk with the Goddess, a catchy chant set to a drumbeat. This is followed by another nine Goddess-focused songs: highlights for me were Kali-Ma (my destruction breeds creation), a wild lyric that interweaves with an unsettling chorus chant; Serpent Mound with its hypnotic shamanic beat; Avebury, a delightful song of love and joy with a great fiddle accompaniment; Blessed Are We, a gentle wistful lilting air; Freya, a story-song of the quest of the Northern Goddess, with its simple guitar accompaniment; This New Day, an unaccompanied prayer-song to the Goddess at the dawning of a new day; and (The Mother) Shares Her Love, a praise-chant of gratitude, with these lovely words -

"The Mother shares her love in the falling rain, The Mother shares her love in the corn and grain, The Mother shares her love in the warm hearth fire, The Mother shares her love in the breeze that flies, Great Mother may we share with you our gift of song, We raise our voices joyfully, we raise them strong. Oh Mother we are grateful for all you do, And we have come together now in praise of you".

This CD would be a great addition to any collection of Goddess albums - professionally produced with some lovely songs and chants.

The Pagan Review (March 15, 2006)

Lady Moon by Kellianna. Produced by John Little and Kellianna. 2003.

I get way too excited when I actually see lyric sheets, but in this case, I didn’t even really need them. And why? Becuase when Kellianna sings you can actually understand what she is saying! Wow! OK, so now you are thinking, “Well duh...shouldn’t you be able to understand the singer?” Of course you should! But you know how many CD’s I’ve listened to where I’m just like, “huh?” It’s wonderful not to have that problem!

Kellianna has an incredible and versatile voice, sometimes it’s soft and sweet, and other’s it’s husky and throaty.

Lady Moon is a very spiritual CD with songs that help teach and reinforce.

The first song, Persephone is a request to the Goddess to tell of her mysteries, yet this song also gives the listener reminders of who Persephone is.

Aphrodite and Pan is a song for Midsummer asking if the Goddess and God are there with them as the song is sung.

These songs are all perfect for festival use or even incorporate different songs directly into your rituals.

Lady Moon is a tale of a calling to the Goddess and would work with any full moon ritual, it would work extremely well as a song to be played while heading out to a ritual area as the words go right along with the motions.

The Return of the Sun is an awesome chant that would be easy to sing along with at an Ostara ritual. This would be an excellent song to use to build energy.

Morgana tells of the sad tale of Lady Morgaine loosing her way and disappearing in the mists along with the Isle of Avalon.

Brighid is of course perfect for Imbolg as it sings the praises of the Goddess celebrated and revered on this day.

Maiden, Mother, Crone is a slow song that could have several uses, perfect for Samhain or for rituals celebrating the life cycles of women.

Warrior Queen is a ballad of the Valkyrie Warrior Queen being found slain and taken home for her funeral. It is sang from the point of view of the Queen. This song too could be used in a funeral rite for a woman.

Stonehenge would be the perfect song for a dedication, or rededication ritual for someone giving themselves over to the Goddess. Sung in a round fashion, this is a powerful, powerful chant, with a slight drumming in the background.

Not only does Kellianna have an astounding voice, sweet yet powerful, she has a Goddess given talent for song writing. This CD has earned a spot on my favorites list. I really want to hear more from the artist!

Goddess Alive Magazine

Lady Moon Review

Kellianna came over to the Goddess Conference in 2003 with Shawna Carol's choir ( Shawna's CD "Goddess Chant"
was reviewed in GA5) and in 2004 returned to do a session of her own Songs of the Goddess. Her work is very different
from Shawna's, being more upbeat and driving, especially on tracks such as " Persephone, " Return of the Sun", and "Morgana". Even the song " Brighid" is more energetic than one might expect. But there is also a more bluesy, torch-like feel to some of the other songs, such as "Lady Moon" and the exquisite "Maiden, Mother, Crone". Her voice carries much _expression, and she is helped by good backing of guitar, piano, recorder and percussion. A CD that is well worth seeking out, not least for Kellianna's love of the Goddess which shines through all of the songs. As she says: " The Goddess has truly blessed me. I wish to honor Her by living my life worthy of such gifts. I wish to honor Her with song."

Worcester Telegram (October 13, 2004)

By Craig S. Semon

Folk Artists, Sacred Fire to Play Concert for Peace

GARDNER-Showcasing the best elements of friendship and musicianship, The Harvest Concert for Peace will be launched from 6:30 to 10 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 15, at the Fresh Ground Coffeehouse, Unitarian Universalist Society of Gardner, 66 Elm St. Admission is $12

Chantress Shawna Carol, Gardner-based pagan-folk artist Kellianna, Ashburnham's singer-songwriter-guitarist Heidi-Jo Hanson and 16 members of the Seattle-based Sacred Fire Choir will perform.

"We find ourselves in this company with Shawna, Heidi-Jo and I," Kellianna said. "After 10 years, we are still together and then we met all these wonderful people from Seattle and it's like why not just keep getting together to do this kind of stuff coast to coast."

Ms. Carol is an author, composer, singer, and recording artist, best known for her ritual performance recording, "Goddess Chant - Sacred Pleasure." In addition, Ms. Carol founded and directs the SpiritSong Center in Bedford. Backing Ms. Carol during her performance will be Kellianna, Ms. Hanson, pianist Anne Silverman and woodwind player Laney Goodman.

"I'm thrilled to be playing with this band. It's an all-woman band and every woman is spectacular," Ms. Carol said. "You have got a lineup of great performers all in one night, most of it's original music.''

In addition to performing, Ms. Carol will offer a prerelease copy of "Gaia Rocks'' which will include a pair of peace songs, "I Can Be Peace,'' which is Ms. Carol's response to these troubling times, and "Bless Our Planet,'' which she wrote after the 911 attack.

"I really wanted to speak to the growing nationalism and militarism that was growing up after 9-11," Ms. Carol said." If you drop a bomb on Afghanistan, you're dropping a bomb on a child who's just as precious as an American child. Bless the whole planet, America included."

Prior to her emergence as a pagan folk artist, Kellianna (aka Kellie Girouard) was known on the area club circuit as one-half of Kellie & Captain with Ashburnham acoustic guitarist Chris "Captain" Coombs and one half of the acoustic duo Moonstruck, which also featured Ms. Hanson.

In February, Kellianna released "Lady Moon," a collection of original pagan folk music focusing on the exploits of goddesses from Celtic, Norse and Greek mythology. Growing up on a rock 'n' roll diet of Jethro Tull, Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin, Ms. Hanson is playing behind her first disc, "I'm Still Me," which she has described as being the culmination of the first 10 years of her life.

Sacred Fire Choir celebrates the "sacred fire" (the living spirit in all things) with special tribute to the Divine Feminine. The choir includes women and men singers of all experience levels, from beginner to professional.
Sacred Fire Choir has grown out of the annual Women of Wisdom conferences, beginning with "Goddess Chant" by Shawna Carol in 2000. Several members of Sacred Fire Choir traveled to England this summer to perform "Goddess Chant" at an international goddess conference.

"It's very uplifting but with strong messages," said Coleen Renee, Sacred Fire Choir member. "The songs are very timely in terms of what's happening in the world right now and with a really positive upbeat message that we have the power to make the changes." "This is pretty central to the theme," Sacred Fire Choir member Dirk Singletary said. "That's a specific focus, aspect, to the theme and why we do the music" "

"If anything, Harvest for Peace is going to lean more toward rock," Ms. Carol said. "It's a celebration of how we can bring peace."

"It's a celebration of personal empowerment," Mr. Singletary added.

Ms. Carol, Kellianna and Ms. Hanson performed alongside the Sacred Fire Choir at the Women in Wisdom Conference in February.

"That is the reason that I asked this choir to come here," Kellianna said. "When I went to Seattle, the community is so welcoming. They were so wonderful to us and they made me feel, personally, like I was part of their family, just like that. And I wanted to show them that same appreciation here. I wanted my community and my friends and the people that I love to welcome them the same way they welcome me."

In addition, participants will receive a candle and have an opportunity to share "the Flame of Peace." This flame - which was carried by Kellianna home from Glastonbury, England - is the combination of six world peace flames, including the 1999 World Peace Flame, the World Children's Flame, the Hiroshima Japan Peace Flame and Glastonbury Peace Flame.

"We're all going to take home a candle that was lit off that peace light I brought home from Glastonbury. So everybody will have their own candle with that whole feeling and that whole intention to bring home and share if they like," Kellianna said. "And even if they put the flame out, that candle will be empowered with the magic of all the peace candle intentions."

Kellianna said the event is geared to everyone and anyone who likes music and likes the idea of perpetuating peace.

"The Harvest Concert for Peace is going to be based around perpetuating peace," Kellianna said. "I'm going to have everyone light a candle off of that flame to take that candle and just spread the revision of peace around."

Worcester Telegram (February 4, 2004)

By Craig S. Semon

Stonehenge gives singer inspiration
`Lady Moon' rising to folk-music heights

Last summer, while standing inside Stonehenge, Gardner-based pagan-folk artist Kellianna (aka Kellie Girouard) experienced a life-altering epiphany. She found buried deep inside her a song that needed to be sung and, thankfully for her fans, many others that needed to be recorded.

Kellianna will have a release party for her new disc, ``Lady Moon,'' from 7 to 10 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 5, at Wachusett Village Inn, Route 2, Westminster.

``I was inspired when I stood in Stonehenge to record this CD,'' she said. ``Stonehenge'' is a chant Kellianna wrote during meditation at the landmark sacred to some pagans. On it, she cries out, ``Mother help me/Please release me/From all things worldly/That do not serve me/Mother love me.''

``That was the moment my life changed. That was the moment I decided to record this music,'' she said. ``That one hour I spent in Stonehenge changed my entire life, my focus, my future. I was ready to give up music before that trip.''

Prior to her trip to England, Kellianna said she was feeling totally unfulfilled and increasingly frustrated by playing cover music several nights a week in smoky barrooms. Then, she had an opportunity to participate in the Goddess Conference in Glastonbury, England. When she came back, she started working on ``Lady Moon,'' which Kellianna said encapsulates her spiritual journey of the last 10 years, as well as being the most personal thing she has ever recorded.

``Lady Moon'' is a collection of original pagan folk music focusing on the exploits on the goddess from Celtic, Norse and Greek mythology. The disc was recorded in 20 hours from top to bottom with most of her vocals done in one take.

Kellianna, who grew up in Westminster, said she has been singing since childhood. She played in the band and sang in the choir at both Westminster Elementary School and Oakmont Regional High School, up to the time she graduated.

``My mother taught me how to play the record player when I was six. I used to bug her obsessively to put records on for me, so she showed me how to do it,'' Kellianna recalled. ``And then, back in the day, you could start choir and band when you where seven years old.''

Kellianna says her Christian name, Kellie, is Gaelic for ``warrior woman.'' In honor of that, she has a song on her disc called ``Warrior Queen.''
``My mother was going to name me Heidi but I was born with jet black hair like my father. She said I looked like a papoose. I couldn't possibly be a Heidi and she named me Kelly. Thank you mom, warrior woman works fine for me.''
Kellianna comes from a family of fine artists, not fine singers.

``My father's a drafting contractor and my mother, sister and brother are all artists,'' Kellianna said. ``I can't draw anything that looks like anything, but I'm the only one in the family that can sing.''

Kellianna's influences range from Stevie Nicks to Nina Simone and from Led Zeppelin to the Beatles. She always wanted to be a musician, she said.
``I'm a musician. Anything else I do just helps me keep being a musician. Nothing else is of any consequence really,'' Kellianna said. ``If I wasn't a musician, I'd be an archaeologist all the way. I would be digging up ancient cities ... starting with Gardner.''

Prior to her rebirth as a pagan folk artist, Kellianna was well known in the area club circuit. The songwriting songbird is one-half of Kellie & Captain with Ashburnham acoustic guitarist Chris ``Captain'' Coombs. She was also one half of the acoustic duo Moonstruck, which also featured Ashburnham's singer-songwriter-guitarist Heidi-Jo Hanson.

``Kellianna is the pagan side that nobody knew about for all these years. It's just a part of my life that I was never open to or I didn't want to share,'' Kelliana said. ``And Kelly's a rocker.''

Somewhere between vintage Heart and acoustic Led Zeppelin lives and breathes Kellianna.

Rich in sensual myths and spiritual musings that transcend both space and time, Kellianna's soothing, soul-stirring voice casts an enchanting spell on the listener.

All through ``Lady Moon,'' Kellianna's storytelling skills are eveident. She's our tour guide down the River Styx. She parties with the spirits of Aphrodite and Pan. She conjures up ancient powers and ancient mysteries of Avalon.
Whether she's feeling the flames of desire, her bones turning to dust or breaking the chains that bind her, Kellianna uses emotionally rich vocals and flowing, dynamic poetry to stir our spirits and imagination.

Another Heidi acquaintance (Heidi Couture) wrote the lyrics for two of the album's tracks, ``Persephone'' and ``Bridghid.'' According to Kellianna, she most likely will collaborate again with Couture, who is the founder and director of The Wiccan Educational Society. Kellianna is a member.

On the pagan piano ballad ``Lady Moon,'' Kellianna belts a torch song that makes her sound like a cousin to Nina Simone, while the earthy and organic chant ``The Return of the Sun'' has warm, layered vocals and pulsating percussion forming a hypnotic heartbeat of sorts.

Kellianna calls ``Maiden, Mother, Crone'' a very important song about the three faces of a women's life. Twelve years ago, she wrote the maiden verse and put it away. When she went to England last year, she wrote the mother part for Hanson and the crone part for Shawna Carol, both of whom sing with her on the track.

The triumphant ``Warrior Queen'' is about the funeral of a fierce Valkyrie warrior who dies in battle. Kellianna said the character in the song is the one she said she feels closet to.

``I don't know where the song came from,'' she said. ``My friends are convinced that I'm talking about myself in a past life. I don't know if it's a memory or just made up because I have a pretty strong imagination.''
While she sings in many voices and gets into the psyches of many personas, Kellianna said she is glad to be herself.

``I went through a lot to get here, where I am now. Your lives are your lessons,'' she said. ``So I think I evolved to where I am now. To success.''
Besides the previously mentioned artists, the disc also features Coombs on guitar, Laney Goodman on backing vocals, Tina Horn, Julie Woods and Jana Runnalls on percussion and drums, Anne Silverman on piano, as well as Donna Horn's cover art.

Kellianna said what she loves the most about her record is that she's finally able to competently accompany herself with her own acoustic guitar playing.
``The biggest pride of ever doing this CD was putting my guitar down and having it sound really good. And having Captain and Heidi-Jo both go, ``You're guitar was awesome,'' because that was my biggest fear that I wouldn't be able to pull off the guitar, and I totally pulled it off, That's awesome!''

Whether she's Kellianna or Kellie or someone in between and even though she has performed rock, blues, folk, and pagan folk, there is something she still can't do that she thrives for someday.

``I can't play `Eruption' on the guitar,'' Kellianna said.

Worcester Telegram (May 19, 2004)

By Craig S. Semon

`Lady Moon' musician to perform

GARDNER - When it comes to belting out a tune or swinging an ax that would make even the gods tremble, it looks like Gardner-based pagan-folk artist Kellianna (aka Kellie Girouard) has everything covered.

Prior to her emergence as a pagan folk artist, Kellianna was known on the area club circuit as one-half of Kellie & Captain with Ashburnham acoustic guitarist Chris "Captain" Coombs and one half of the acoustic duo Moonstruck, which also featured Ashburnham's singer-songwriter-guitarist Heidi-Jo Hanson.

In February, Kellianna released "Lady Moon," a collection of original pagan folk music focusing on the exploits of goddesses from Celtic, Norse and Greek mythology. All through "Lady Moon," Kellianna's storytelling skills are evident. She's our tour guide down the River Styx. She parties with the spirits of Aphrodite and Pan.

Recently, a beautiful and unexpected thing happened to Kellianna. Right after May Day, she was booked for a festival in Woonsocket, R.I. Although there is a store there that carries her CD, she wasn't prepared for what happened.
"Well, I had rabid groupies down there who knew every word of my songs," Kellianna said. "They sat right in front and sang along with me and it was intense. It was a really, really intense."

Basking in the glow of her Stonehenge-inspired "Lady Moon," Kellianna gets her share of requests at shows and, in the case of one of the album's many standouts, "Warrior Queen," fans have been asking her to flesh out the story, even into the form of a full-fledged movie script.

Kellianna says her Christian name, Kellie, is Gaelic for "warrior woman." In honor of that, she wrote "Warrior Queen," which takes place at the funeral of a Valkyrie warrior who died in battle.

"My mother asked me what's the story behind this queen. I'm like, `Mom, I think I can write a book about this song,"' Kellianna said. "A lot of people think that's a memory of mine, think I'm actually talking about myself. Seriously, I don't know if I made it up or really if it is a memory. I really just don't know. It gives me the chills just thinking about it."

Something that is not giving the "Warrior Queen" chills is the up-and-coming Fresh Ground Coffeehouse, which she is hosting, from 7 to 9 p.m. Saturday, May 22, at the Unitarian Universalist Society of Gardner, 66 Elm St.
"I love to showcase original music. There's never enough of it for me," Kellianna said. "So any chance I get to have artists performing their music just makes me very happy."

The event will feature a round-robin with the aforementioned Ms. Hanson, Jen Spingla and Gardner's Mark Fisher at 7 p.m.

Ms. Hanson is playing behind her first disc, "I'm Still Me," while Leominster-based Ms. Spingla will be singing songs from her Jen Spingla Band disc, "Right Here in Front of You."

Greenfield-born, Athol-bred and Berklee College of Music grad Ethan Stone is headlining at 8 p.m.

"Ethan has some great powerful originals that he's going to be playing between guitar and piano," Kellianna said. "He is just a powerhouse. He's just going to blow these people away."

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