"Lady Moon" Song Descriptions

Persephone: The lyrics to Persephone were written by my longtime friend and founder of the Wiccan Educational Society, Heidi Couture. We were talking one day and agreed that I should record some Goddess Music. I asked her to write a song for me and she sat at her kitchen table and penned Persephone. I'm not sure how many years it was before she asked me to resurrect it and put it to music. Just before Samhain 2002 I wrote the music for it. I was so excited that I called Heidi and played it for her over the telephone. She said it was exactly how she had heard it when writing it! Here's to a great collaboration...Thanks Heidi! And thanks to Chris "Captain" Coombs for the great guitar lead.

Aphrodite and Pan: I wrote this as an acapella piece for a Midsummer processional leading to a forest grove where we had ritual. I added the chorus and guitar part some time later. I always heard this song as a fun, drinking ale at the tavern kind of a thing. When recording it, I had a gaggle of Goddesses record the cackle track. Heidi Couture, Heidi-Jo Hanson, Tina Horn, Shawna Carol and me. It was great fun and I got the exact effect I was looking for. Then I was lucky enough to get Jana Runnalls to lay down some frame drum on top of Tina Horn's lively and wonderful djembe. Cheers!!

Lady Moon: This song is a description of my journey to the Goddess. As a child, I was always fascinated by the moon. I was convinced that it followed me home at night. As an adult I am always finding myself standing in the moonlight in a window of my house mesmerized, enraptured and unable to look away. I realized at some point that I could see a face in the moon. It was Her face, and she was singing to me. I've seen Her face in the moon ever since. She is always there watching over me, encouraging me to dream...to follow my heart...to reach for the stars and beyond.

The Return of the Sun: It was Spring Equinox 2003. I had a ritual planned with some friends the next day. It was 2:00 in the morning and I was driving home after a performance.
It was pouring rain. Somehow, out of the cold darkness, I could see the sun shining bright! I wrote this sunny spring chant driving home in the dark night and falling rain. I knew that Spring was coming, there was no way of stopping it! I took my sweet little Spring chant into the studio and added Laney Goodman and Shawna Carol with harmonies. I then had Julie Woods come in and add her percussion. And Jana Runnalls added the drum beat. My little chant turned into an amazing Bonfire!

Morgana: Morgana was created after I read Marion Zimmer Bradley's "The Mists of Avalon" for the third time. The lyrics were completed upon my return from the Ancient Isle of Avalon in Glastonbury, England. Being in Avalon and on the Tor, I could easily imagine Morgan losing her way in the mists and traveling to the Fairy World. She was strong and always emerged from the magical realm to her beloved Avalon.

Brighid: This is another song where the lyrics were written by Heidi Couture for an Imbolc gathering in February of 2002. I wrote the guitar part and again it was another perfect marriage! On the CD Laney Goodman adds some beautiful woodwind tracks and Tina Horn kicks in on the djembe.

Maiden, Mother, Crone: This is a very powerful and moving song. I wrote the part of the Maiden back about ten years ago. I didn't even realize at the time that it was the Maiden I had written about. I came across the verse before traveling to Avalon with a group to perform Shawna Carol's Goddess Chant at the Glastonbury Goddess Conference in 2003. On the journey, I wrote the part of the Mother for my friend and soul-sister Heidi-Jo Hanson, a beautiful musician and mother of two. I wrote the Crone part inspired by the wisdom and poise of Shawna Carol. I was truly blessed when both of these amazing and powerful women agreed to sing their parts in the studio. The effect is chilling and magical.

Warrior Queen: Just typing the title to this song gives me the chills. I was playing music with some friends one night when the artist of the Lady Moon cover, Donna Horn, said to me "you need to write some lyrics to my song!" She then picked up a guitar and played some music she had been writing. In an instant, the Warrior Queen story was born. I took a recording of the music that Donna had given me and in one afternoon arranged it and wrote the lyrics.
I wrote it on Saturday and recorded it on Monday. The Warrior Queen is a powerful story of a Valkyrie who dies in battle. As her body is prepared for the journey home, her emotions flow through confusion, reflection, and ultimately, triumph.

Stonehenge: I was inside the great circle with my tour group. We were in silent meditation when this chant came to me. Before traveling to England I had been going through a period of complete dissatisfaction with my music career and where it was apparently heading. I was exhausted, overworked and completely frustrated. After 13 years, I felt I might actually quit pursuing my music. I walked around those stones at my wits end, begging the Mother for guidance. I had to be willing to give some things up to make room for the new. This I did and upon returning home I went into the studio and recorded Lady Moon. My path has forked, my focus is clear, and my rewards are magnificent! Sometimes all you can do is surrender!!!


I thank the Goddess for these fabulous gifts.
I would like to thank all of you who buy my music and support the independent artist! I couldn't do this without you!

Blessed Be,


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