"Elemental" Song Descriptions

The Direction Song: by Terri Rivera - This is a prayer to the four directions written by my good friend Terri Rivera.

There is No Time: by Veronica Appalonia - Veronica wrote this in ceremony at the Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury
on a trip to perfrom at the Goddess Conference with Shawna Carol in 2003.

She Is Crone: I wrote this for my friend Leandra's Croning ceremony in October 2009.
Who says the crone has to be dirgy and dark? I wrote this as a celebration
for a woman stepping into her power.

Pele: I wrote this chant to Pele for the Everyday Goddess Conference in Madison Wisconsin.
My good friend Celia Farren joined me to kick in a fiery bohdran track to the song.

Sacred Stones of Stonehenge: by Shawna Carol - Shawna wrote this chant for our private morning ceremony in Stonehenge summer of 2003.

Brighid's Flame: I starting writing this at Imbolc 2009 and finished Imbolc 2010. This is one of my favorite harmonies ever!

Full Height of Our Power: by Shawna Carol - I first heard this chant on top of the Glastonbury Tor at the Goddess Conference 2003. I asked the Dragon Ritual Drummers to join me on percussion, and November 1, 2009, after a weekend in Salem for Samhain, we stopped in the studio on their way home and did 3 takes of the drum track. They basically did this live, 3 tries, the 3rd being the charm!

Gaia Loves: I wrote this chant June 2009 while doing two weeks of camping at FSG in Maryland, and the New York Fairy Festival.
It's easy to feel connected to Gaia when you are living outside and sleeping close to the ground for an extended period of time. I brought my good friends Oshia Drury from Glastonbury, and Celia Farren in to do the vocals with me.

Fire Transform Me: by ALisa Starkweather - I first heard this chant at Rites Of Spring one night around the fire.

The Horned God: I wrote this at Beltane 2010, just in time to get it on the CD. I figured that we didn't have enough chants out there to honor the God, and why didn't I write one with the Gods' role in the Sacred Marriage as inspiration?

Ebb and Flow: by Shawna Carol - A beautiful song honoring the waters of the world and the womb.

The Maid and the Dragon: I wrote this song inspired by the Maid In The Mist mythology of Niagara Falls. This is from the Princess' perspective as she is going over the brink and wondering if the Dragon in the Falls will accept her as an offering. I traveled to Canada with the Dragon Ritual Drummers and we visited Brian McAfee of Leviathan studios to record their drum tracks.

Elemental: An elemental poem I wrote many years ago then put to music for this CD. It was the inspiration for this entire project.

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